Monday, 6 October 2014

Team Australia's Bastards Try To Ban Hijab

Team Australia finds the burqa an affront to our sense of decency. Abbott kicked off the draw by declaring the headdress frankly confronting and a threat to Parliament.

What happened to the Team Australia that would have laughed themselves silly watching pollys getting biffed by a woman with a bee in her bonnet? It should be encouraged.

George Brandis, who could be mistaken for a sleeper of the American Tea Party, very surprisingly helped save our dignity. He bravely defied his Captain, declaring what woman wore was none of his business and that the negative stance was untimely. It’s likely he lobbied against the Bishop proposed segregated seating, which has a strong pong of ‘Mississippi Burning’.

When Australian society finds a long dress more confronting than a middle aged man wearing budgie smugglers, albeit a long grounded one that’s been sleeping rough, we have our own crisis of civilization.

PIC:Abbott dons glove to impossibly get more up your arse.

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