Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ghulam Azad's Comments Against Homosexuals

Ghulam Nabi Azad’s startling statements about Indian homosexuals exposes not only an idiot but more importantly the cancerous chamcha culture that grips the Congress.

I met Azad many years ago at a function hosted by Sonia Gandhi, who had then not even hinted at her ambitions. Azad was pompous to the point of absurdity but when Mrs. Gandhi entered our midst I have never seen such a change in posture. He went from being the sultan of greater India to a groveling buffoon. He nearly head butted the floor with his whimpering bow and I’m sure if I had looked his knuckles would have been bright purple from the force he pushed together his namaskar. It was not dissimilar to someone on the brink of starvation begging at an intersection. When Mrs. Gandhi left our circle his fellow Ministers laughed their heads off and told him he was a chumcha, admittedly an excellent one.

When you are assessed for your ability to kiss royal posteriors and possession of obscure vote banks you will always get an Azad. Individuals who are so removed from reality that you have to purchase tickets to their world to have a conversation.

His statements that homosexuals were hard to administrate because unlike prostitutes they didn’t congregate in readily recognizable areas is sensationally bananas.

Azad, not yet even remotely discouraged, then generously bestowed another profound pearl of wisdom. Homosexuality was not only unnatural but that homosexuality was brought to India by foreigners.

Bring out the men in white coats with two straight jackets. One for Azad and one for Mrs. Gandhi.

Investing any responsibility in this incompetent (that involves anything more complicated than the demands of a rickshaw puller) is equally mad. Mrs. Gandhi’s constant five cents that the windows to Government need to be cleaned and MP’s held accountable is now a further heavily devalued currency. The window has not been cleaned as so much as it has been smashed and we have had an unsettling peek at her bathroom cabinet. Cabinet ministers that could not run a brothel.

If Azad had had the intelligence to remember mid sentence that his Empress was an erstwhile foreigner he would have died from a major cardiac event. That he didn’t is very unfortunate because he continues to administer the mortally important health portfolio, that he clearly does not, without a pinch of ambiguity, have the marbles for.

This fact is cold steel solid when you consider where the statements were made. In an HIV conference. The equivalent of rocking up to a Holocaust memorial in a Volkswagen or asking for a jumbo box of condoms at the Vatican gift shop.

Many of my dearest friends are Indian homosexuals. I am very proud to call them friends. For six years I lived next to a Delhi Hijira colony full of characters. Their sexuality is only a part of their identity. Though I will indulge in some bigotry.

My stereotype of an Indian homosexual is quite prejudiced in that I believe they are almost without exception above average citizens. High achievers in business and the corporate world with their strong sense of civil behaviour. I also believe in my prejudice that they have a predisposition for getting the job done right.

To alienate this community that could be at least 50 million Indians is not the brightest move. Twice the population of Australia could be natural dancers and know their flared jeans from their skinny jeans.

A phenomena I have witnessed is that a considerable amount of Indian students studying in Australia have come out of the almirah. It is of course much easier to do here rather than Rajouri Garden.

A gay friend very bravely went back to North Delhi, a bastian of conservatism, and shaking like a leaf told his parents he was batting for the other team. His Father’s reaction would have been less violent if he had told him he was batting for Pakistan.

Indians will forgive you for being gay but they will never forgive you for not procreating. His Father’s response?(After having a stiff peg and a lay down) “Beta, you have to stop being naughty and get serious”, as his Mother handed him some homeopathic medicine and told him about some girls she had lined up.

Azad’s jurassic attitudes help reinforce these impractical ideas. The Congress leadership needs to purge itself of unqualified dinosaurs living in fractured realities. Ministers who hold position for their chumcha skills not any administrative flair.

Indian gays need to be recognised in a society that badly needs them. They need to be embraced by competent members of the State and welcomed to share the exciting burden of lifting India higher and yet higher.

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  1. Chamchagiri is sadly in Indian politics' DNA. Numerous incompetent greats have made it big solely on the basis of this single skill. Raja (karunanidhi), Azad (mrs. gandhi), Shivraz Patil (the legendary home minister for whome only explecitives come to my mind) are the more known examples. Then there are several more at state levels (appreasing Behen Mayawati and Amma) and hence you see idiots like Azad running country's health. I remember until a couple of years ago the chairman of UP scientific research board who himself was 12th pass (the aim here was more party worker appeasement through 'lal batti' for their chamchagiri than anything else).

    On the issues of gays, Sadly people are often not judged on who they are and what they've achieved in life but more on the juicier details of their private life. Not to forget there are 2 india - one in the bigger cities and the other in smaller towns. Mindset of people in the latter will take a few generations to change. For starters, we don't have a the concept of 'political correctness' in the wider culture. To survive in India, one has to toughen up to remarks and unsolicited comments (when in India, I am constantly told I am over-weight and hence should feel bad different in some way). Agree with your point that gays are definitely one of the more sensitive, talented and gentle people around and most have a fine taste for fashion, food, arts and anything classy.