Thursday, June 23, 2011

Henry, King Of The Intellectually Less Fortunate

The recent fine imposed by the Broadcasting Standards Authority of $3000 for Paul Henry’s racist observations on Sheila Dixits name was pathetically limp wristed. It also could not have come at a better time for Henry as it coincided for the launch of his memoirs “What was I thinking?”, and provided him thousands of dollars of nationwide advertising.
How there was no fine imposed for his repugnantly racist questions about the Governor General is bewildering.
Random House, his publishers, who admit to him being a ‘complex character’ probably very wisely decided to launch his book at the same time as the judgment.
The book has sold 4,000 copies in it’s first week which is litmus test not so much of Henry’s contribution to New Zealand society but on sections of the society.
It seems New Zealand is suffering another intense brain drain but now from experts refusing to leave. Any citizen who spent the 30 odd dollars on his memoir and not on a bucket of KFC needs to reassess their life’s philosophy. Then check in to a mental health facility.
But these imbeciles who endorse Henry’s character mostly need to broaden their jaundiced horizons. But I really hope they don’t.
That would mean mixing with them. That would bore me to death. ‘Yes Dave, Indians eat eggs’, ‘Yes Susan, India does have elephants but they are not the main mode of transport’. My wife was asked in Onehunga how on earth could she be television producer when India didn’t have any electricity. She sweetly replied Indians watched TV by candlelight.
These stratas of society really should remain just stratas. Easily identifiable mono culturalists. Bitching and moaning about immigration and globalisation as they speed off to have a curry after an hour shopping at The Warehouse. Marked out and easy to maneuver around.
They are welcome to tune in for TV breakfast shows run by fellow bigots. That means for a few hours they are off our roads. It worries me greatly that Henry is back in radio and his disciples might be simultaneously operating dangerous machinery and listening to tripe.
I am also told within their raving loony ranks are National Business Review journalists who propose that Dixit should change her name. On the contrary, it is a cruel fate that Henry’s name is not reminiscent of a Punjabi abuse. It is also fateful that he did not poke fun of goras with truly ridiculous names in New Zealand’s political sphere. Chris Carter had an assistant with the very judgmental name of Badcock and another man suffered friction with being Christened James Cockburn.
What I will agree with Henry is his anger at the New Zealand Government apologising to the India Government for his appalling behavior. That was setting a precedent for the Government to accept responsibility for precious dandys who pollute our culture.
We can barely tolerate them at home but internationally they are an intense embarrassment.

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  1. Great writeup as always Roy, fully laced with humour! Although I think had it not been a VIP (Sheila Dixit) it wouldn't have been such a massive issue. To be fair, the natural balance has been well maintained i.e. for every cockburn there is a Hardik or for every Dixit there is a Wayne Carr. As for suggesting $30 spend on kfc bucket instead, you deserve a hug for reading my mind. Suggesting Indians watch TV in candlelight, is one of the most hillarious comebacks I've heard in a long time to questions of the 'utter ignorance' category.