Wednesday, 24 November 2010

One Billion Are Not A Minority

India has to euthanise her deep inferiority complex. Paul Henry’s racism has turned on the well-dusted sixty-year-old babu gramophone, that still plays childishly over defensive records. This was only matched by the New Zealand Government’s infuriating over-defensiveness when it made a formal apology to the Indian Government, bewilderingly setting a precedent for taking responsibility for racists and intellectual midgets not in her employ.

I was born a Kiwi but the entirety of my life is India connected, and I love her with a depth that is at least as deep as my love for New Zealand. I want the whispered prophecies of economic superstardom to be a glorious roar, not a sulky whimper from imagined slights against chaste Mother India from populations that would barely qualify for a Lok Sabha constituency, or be a less-than-respectful turn out for a single day at the Kumbh Mela.

Like India, we carry our Bal Thackerays grudgingly. We ignore better judgment and restrain from publicly hanging them for destroying hard won international relationships, a labour of many years, with single sentences. Though please take solace in the knowledge that if Henry’s fate was in my hands, he would be begging to be hanged, but the fickleness of democracy dictates that I am not New Zealand’s Prime Minister. (That Henry’s name is not reminiscent of any Punjabi abuse, is also a cruel, cruel fate).

India, stop running to mummy when some half wit gora calls you a name in the international playground. It betrays a lack of confidence. It is unbecoming of your future ‘Superpower Number One.’ Superpowers are not home to leaders with egos so embarrassingly fragile to obscure sensationalists. If the United States were distracted from nation building by the multitude of criticism it receives, they would still be a rabble of disorganised drunks. One billion people are not a minority. Stop being one. Jai Hind!

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